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The 1st Year at Guy's & St Thomas' Medical School   Download times...
My medical career began in October 1993 when I started a course at the United Medical & Dental Schools of Guy's & St Thomas' Hospitals. It would prove to be a wonderful five years, spiced with a few scary moments (largely involving exams, alcohol and/or boiling rodents). Here are a few photographs from my student days - if any of you who were there have pictures you'd like to put on the site, please let me know. We start with the first year, where I was living at Wolfson House on the Guy's site. Like most student first years, it began which huge groups of us spending a lot of time drinking and getting to know each other...   Please note that in order to present large, high-quality pictures, this page may take almost a minute to download completely. The first few pictures will be visible quickly, but please have patience with the rest!

Tim, Alison, Izzy and Viki on the tube.
Shortly after we arrived at UMDS, it was Malika Chandra's birthday, so we headed off into central London to celebrate. He we see Tim Hucker, Alison Hunt, Izzy Israel and Viki Pearcey (a friend of mine from Devon) on the tube.

Dan, Nick & Tim...
Me larking about with Nick Hannam (a dentist, but we didn't hold that against him) and Tim Chapman.
  Ellie, Sasha and Mia on the tube.
A very young looking Ellie Chambers, with Sasha and Mia.

In Leicester Square...
The group of us in Leicester Square. From the left, back row: Alison Hunt, Tim Hucker, Nupur Arora, Sasha, Deepan, Ellie Chambers & Tim Chapman. Front row: Nick Hannam, Malika Chandra and Phil Brighton.

Viki Pearcey and Tim Hucker at  Chiquito's.
At Chiquito's texmex bar on Leicester Square. Viki Pearcey and Tim Hucker having a few cocktails. Doesn't Tim look incredibly young here!
  Dan, Tim H, Timmy C and Phil.
Well he seemed normal when we met him... here are Dan, Tim H, Timmy C and Phil at the bar.

NIck Hannam, Malika and Phil.
Later in the evening, Nick Hannam moved so he could get a view down Malika's top.

1st Year
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