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Eddie's 60th Birthday party   Download times...
Eddie Greene turned 60 on the 13th June 2002, but celebrated at a joint 60th party with his friend John Wild on the 27th July. The party was held at John & Geraldine's house in Surrey, in their large garden. Food and booze flowed freely and we were entertained by a jazz band that played for most of the evening. Later, Eddie and John played a few songs for us on the banjo and clarinet. An excellent time was had by all, and Rafferty enjoyed himself with all the extra attention.   Please note that in order to present large, high-quality pictures, this page may take almost a minute to download completely. The first few pictures will be visible quickly, but please have patience with the rest!

Out for a meal on Eddie's birthday in June 2002
On Eddie's birthday we all went out for a meal to celebrate. From the left, back row: Geraldine Wild, Will Young (not really), Andi Fasino, Kathy, Dan, and John Wild. Front row: Tara, Gail, Eddie and Vanessa.

Eddie with party hat
Eddie wearing silly party hat at his birthday meal.
  Vanessa, Gail and Tara
Vanessa, Gail and Tara at the 60th birthday party in August.

Andi, Vanessa, Raffy and Gail
At the garden party in the afternoon... Andi, Vanessa, Rafferty and Gail enjoy some of the excellent food.

Eddie with his three girls
Charlie's Angels? Worth a try, anyway. Eddie enjoys a pint with his three daughters later in the evening.

A big family photo
A big family photo - Vanessa, Gail and Tara with their cousins.

Blowing out candles...
John and Eddie blowing out the candles. Fortunately someone had drawn the line at putting 120 of them on the cake!

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