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Rafferty's first birthday party...   Download times...
Our young man had his first birthday on the 30th June 2002, which fell on a Sunday. We had a big garden party to celebrate, and invited all his little friends from Vanessa's 'Mother & Baby' group, as well as his grandparents and godparents. We had a barbeque (of course) and plenty of booze for the grown-ups, and Rafferty had so many presents that I lost count. Thanks to everyone who came for their kindness and generosity! Here are one or two photographs of the big day itself.   Please note that in order to present large, high-quality pictures, this page may take almost a minute to download completely. The first few pictures will be visible quickly, but please have patience with the rest!

Rafferty on his first birthday
Our gorgeous boy grinning up at me on his birthday.
  Rafferty meets his granddad as he arrives for the party
Rafferty ran out to meet his granddad when he arrived with Auntie Gail.

The Greene family
The Greene family get together: Gail, Eddie, Vanessa, Raffy and Tara. I have to say Raffy is not looking particularly impressed at this point, but I expect that was because he wanted to be running around getting into mischief.

Mel lets Emily discover what champagne tastes like...
Our friend Mel Woodruff with his daughter Emily. Here, he is trying to prove to Emily that she won't like the taste of champagne - I don't think he succeeded.
  Raffy playing with his tractor outside our house...
Rafferty playing with his tractor on the pavement outside our house.

One of Raffy's birthday cakes, made by Zanna
This is the lovely birthday cake that Auntie Zanna made for Raffy. This was very appropriate given that the party was on the day of the World Cup final. I had to go out and buy a 25-inch television for the chaps to watch it on!

The birthday cake we got  for Raffy.
And here's the cake we got for Raffy. Vanessa tells me that cakes are important and it is vital I include the pictures of them here...