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A mellow Christmas at home in Sturry   Download times...
This year we had a wonderful Christmas at home in our new house; Eddie and Tara came to join us on Christmas Eve, much to the boys' delight. This was the first time Raffy really understood what was going on and was very excited, especially when he had to leave the mince pie, carrot and tot of port for Santa (except that Eddie actually drank it, but made up for it by dressing up as Santa in the morning and walking through the garden carring a red sack - now the boys are really convinced). I cooked a big fat goose for dinner, we had a lovely walk on the beach and it was all pretty much perfect, really...   Please note that in order to present large, high-quality pictures, this page may take almost a minute to download completely.

Eddie relaxes on Christmas Eve after carrying about a thousand presents in from his car.
Raffy stretches out on the coffee table watching television, while Vanessa and Monty sit in the background.

Eddie, Tara and I played a game of 'Brainbenders' late on Christmas Eve - this is a game of riddles and puzzles, which seemed to get harder as the night wore on...

Our Christmas tree surrounded by rather a lot of presents for the boys.
We were all up at about 5.30am to start opening presents.
Monty holding his magic microphone that makes your voice sound funny.

Raffy, Monty and Vanessa opening a wooden aeroplane. Monty models his new winter hat.

Monty runs around showing off his new hat and scarf.
Raffy opens a large red present...
...and a smaller yellow present...
...and then a big blue present.

Proudly showing off his big box of chocolates.

Tara helps Raffy open another present.
Monty cuddles his new fluffy cat.

Raffy holding his new camera - I wonder if he'll get the photography bug like his dad?

Raffy with camera again.
Eddie opens his present from all of us - a new digital camera.
Raffy was delighted with his Spiderman alarm clock.

Eddie and Raffy on the sofa with yet more presents...