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Carnage at the Red Lion in Stodmarsh!   Download times...
My 30th birthday fell on Saturday 2nd October 1999 - too good an opportunity for a party to miss. Not only were we celebrating my approaching senility, but also my engagement to Vanessa, which called for particularly riotous festivities!  The Red Lion pub in Stodmarsh (about four miles from Canterbury) provided the venue and a superb Indian buffet (thanks to Robert & Gary) and as usual, our friends and family provided the entertainment...   Please note that in order to present large, high-quality pictures, this page may take almost a minute to download completely. The first few pictures will be visible quickly, but please have patience with the rest!

Ben, Nick & Nathan watch the rugby before the party...
Ben Hunter, Nick Sherwin and Nathan Holt watch the rugby on the afternoon before the party.  Shortly after this they all made Dan down the miniatures of flavoured vodka Ben & Kirsteen had bought him...

Dan & Ruth.
Dan with Ruth Holt in the Red Lion that evening.  Note the England sticker... Tim & Ellie came straight to the party from watching the lads play at Twickenham. This was my present.
  Look at all the lovely grub...
The chef at the Red Lion, Gary, had made a superb job of the food... three types of curry, rice and naans, plus a salad and cold salmon for the wimps!

Some of the girls.
A few of the girls!  From left to right: Jo Groombridge, Brenda McClusky, Kirsty Revell, Jayne Garrigan, Vanessa Everest and Valerie Mooney.  Vanessa's dress had taken ages to spray on!

The cake, provided by Ruth & Nathan.
The outstanding cake that Ruth & Nathan provided as our engagement present.  It is a sobering moment when you start having a candle for each decade, rather than each year!
  Vanessa, Dan & Ruth.
Vanessa and Ruth Holt were dancing quite happily until some drunken idiot came up and leered from behind!  I think this was shortly after Ben & Nick gave Dan his ceremonial ginning!