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Easter Bank Holiday Weekend 2005   Download times...
This year Easter came early, from the 25th to 28th of March, when Spring was only just showing it's face. Only three weeks earlier the roads were almost blocked with heavy falls of snow but now we were able to relax in our garden, barefoot, in summer clothes. The Easter period saw visits from Gail, Ruth & Nathan, and over the weekend my parents and Eddie came to stay for a few days. We had a great barbeque on Sunday with Neil & Michele and overall a jolly good time was had by all.   Please note that in order to present large, high-quality pictures, this page may take almost a minute to download completely.

Monty climbs up the slide in our back garden.
Gail helps Monty swing on the climbing rope which dangles from the boys' paly tower.

Monty has fun in the sand pit with the digger.
Nathan hoists a little wizard into the air. Who needs a broomstick?

Monty, in wizard costume with Nathan and Juliet..
Juliet Holt looking somewhat surprised.
Nathan Holt on a visit to Canterbury before Easter.

A walk in Tankerton before Easter. Rafferty rides his bike while Monty gets pushed along in his tricycle. This peaceful state of affairs didn't last for long but at least we all had a good long walk and some fresh air...

On Easter Saturday, Grandpa and Monty surprise Rafferty hiding under a blanket. The blanket itself is special as it is the very same one I played with myself as a child, thirty years ago!

Raffy opens his first easter egg of the weekend on Good Friday.
Ruth, Juliet and Melissa on a visit just before Easter.

Monty and Grandpa in our back garden on Easter Saturday.

Monty smiling on the beach in Whitstable.
Rafferty and Vanessa by the sea in Whitstable.

A lovely morning walk in Whitstable. From the left: Monty (avoiding us all; Vanessa, Eddie, Raffy and my Dad - Michael Horton-Szar.