Sarong sellers along the beach.
Sarong sellers patrolling the beach at Melia Bali... all you had to do was glance in their direction and you would be assailed with the traditional Balinese greeting of "Hallooo! I got special price for you today! You wan' sarong? You wan' braiding hair?"
  Terraced pools at the Melia Bali.
The beautiful terraced lily pools at our hotel.

Vanessa climbing into a boat on our way to Tanjung Benoa.
In the second week of our holiday we travelled by boat to Tanjung Benoa, just up the coast to the north, where there were a lot of places to try parasailing, jetskiing and falling into the water.

Vanessa on the rocks.
On the rocky peninsula that juts out from the beach near the hotel...
  Dan getting ready for take-off.
Dan getting strapped into a harness ready for take-off. The red and blue gloves are to help you remember which side of the parachute to pull when they guide you in for landing.

Dan parasailing.
Coming in for landing - once the large motorboat had stopped pulling me along, a reunion with the ground was inevitable. Air traffic control consisted of a bloke on the ground waving red and blue flags to tell me which cord to pull... Great fun!