Bloke with long pink boat on Kuta beach.
Balinese chap on Kuta beach with a long pink boat.  Kuta is famous for its surfing, and the beach was full of Australians looking disgustingly tanned and straight out of Home & Away...

Sunset at Tanah Lot.
A few days before the end of our holiday we made a trip to Tanah Lot, on the south coast of the island, which is famous for its ancient (well, 600 years old anyway) temple by the sea.  When the tide is in the temple is cut off from the land, and the sunsets are apparently very lovely.  All the local taxi drivers know exactly what time the sun sets at Tanah Lot, and how long the spectacle is likely to last for.

Tanah Lot sunset again.
Another view of the sunset - this time with Dan mucking about with red filters on his camera...
  Vanessa at Tanah Lot temple.
Vanessa with Tanah Lot temple in the background.  At this vantage point there was a large crowd of other tourists setting up their cameras and tripods, waiting for the sunset.

Vanessa at sunset.
Sitting in a little cafe bar near Tanah Lot temple as the sun went down. We drank beer and ate crisps made from slices of coconut,  before getting a taxi back to Nusa Dua.

Vanessa on her birthday...
Breakfast by the beach on Vanessa's birthday, 15th November 2000. We flew back to England the next day (a lovely thirty-hour journey) and by this time Vanessa was feeling so rotten we were really glad to get home!