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We visited Portugal a few times in 2002 - it is quite cheap these days and the short flight from Gatwick makes it very handy for us in Canterbury. We all went over to visit Jo & James in September for a week, and then Rafferty and Vanessa flew back in November for a short break. It's a hard life! Anyway, here are a few of the better pictures we took on these two trips - you'll probably notice the emphasis has shifted away from the scenery and onto Rafferty, but that's parenthood for you!   Please note that in order to present large, high-quality pictures, this page may take almost a minute to download completely. The first few pictures will be visible quickly, but please have patience with the rest!

Raffy & Dan on the plane over to Portugal in September
On our September trip - Raffy and Dan on the plane in one of his quieter moments. There weren't many!
  At the airport in Lisbon
At Lisbon airport - Raffy clambering over his pushchair.

Dan, Raffy, Annabelle and Vanessa
Once we arrived at Jo & James' house in Cascais: here we are with our goddaughter Annabelle.
  Raffy and Lala
Rafferty loves the Teletubbies, like a lot of children his age. This cuddly Lala became a firm favourite.

The shape of things to come?
The shape of things to come? No - be a dentist! They earn more!
  Rafferty chasing after Annabelle
Rafferty decided to chase Annabelle around the kitchen a lot (these two pictures from the November trip).

Jo, Oliver and James overlooking the sea in Cascais
Jo, Oliver and James Groombridge overlooking the sea in Cascais. Taken in November 2002

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