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Our Summer House-Swap in Cascais   Download times...
In late August we all flew over to Cascais for a nice two-week holiday. Jo & James needed to go back to the UK for a wedding and so we did a house swap; Eddie and Cathy flew over a few days after we arrived to join us on holiday and a very relaxing time was had by all. After a week, Jo & James came back and we spent some time with them as well. This was Monty's first trip abroad, at six weeks old when we left. Rafferty had a wonderful time playing with Oliver and Annabelle when they returned.   Please note that in order to present large, high-quality pictures, this page may take almost a minute to download completely. The first few pictures will be visible quickly, but please have patience with the rest!

Monty and Vanessa on the flight to Lisbon - this is Monty's first flight.
Rafferty looking pensive in his seat on the plane.

Quite close to the house in Cascais, this is Boca d'Inferno - literally 'Hell's Mouth' - a specatacular natural rock formation on the coast which you can explore.

A morning walk with Rafferty and Monty on the Cascais coast road.
Dan & Vanessa dressed up ready for a night out on the town, while Eddie and Cathy babysat the boys.

Eddie and Cathy relax in the sun at the Groombridge's house.

Eddie gives Monty his bottle.
Me with my two boys, relaxing on a sunny afternoon in Portugal.

Rafferty lying on the floor having a bit of a paddy.

Vanessa gives Monty a cuddle.
Monty, Raffy and the Pooh Bear famous from a previous photo when Raffy was a lot smaller.