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Rafferty & Vanessa's short break in Cascais   Download times...
In October, Vanessa took Raffy over to Cascais to visit Jo & James and see their new baby girl, Sophie. Monty stayed with me at home for a boys' weekend! Raffy had a wonderful time playing with Oliver and Annabelle, going swimming and running around on the beach.   Please note that in order to present large, high-quality pictures, this page may take almost a minute to download completely.

Rafferty enjoyed the flight over to Lisbon with his mum - he's old enough now to stay in his seat for most of the time andbe very good!
Raffy looking all grown up with his rucksack at the airport.

A slightly arty shot of Raffy at the airport in Lisbon - not sure how Vanessa did this but looks quite effective.

On the airport bus.
Raffy got quite excited on the bus when he could look at all the planes.

Raffy was very pleased to see his friends Oliver and Annabelle.

Annabelle has grown up a lot - she's actually slightly taller than Raffy now.
Jo & James' new daughter Sophie, looking very peaceful.

Annabelle and Raffy watching the swans in Cascais park.

A very sweaty Rafferty after spending the morning running around.
Playing with Ollie's guitar.

The three little monkeys at bedtime.