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Our Hortonfest gathering on 3rd April 2005   Download times...
Our most recent Horton family gathering took place at Rob & Maggie's house in Ruislip. The particular reason for this event was to say goodbye to my sister Vickie and her husband Richard, who are emigrating to Australia in May. It was great to see everyone, and the boys had fun playing with their grandpa and uncles! The table football tournament was especially funny...   Please note that in order to present large, high-quality pictures, this page may take almost a minute to download completely.

Hortonfest 2005; back row from the left: Maria and Cathy Horton, David Horton, Mike Horton-Szar, Richard and Vickie Gooding, Jenny Horton, Jayne Horton-Szar, Rob, Maggie and Sarah Horton. Front row: Dan and Rafferty Horton-Szar, Joan Horton, Monty and Vanessa Horton-Szar.

Rob in traditional pose - relaxing with a glass of wine...
My brother-in-law Richard Gooding.

Vickie and Richard relaxing at Rob's before heading off to Oz.

Cathy and Sarah Horton. Not quite sure why Sarah is pulling Cathy's hair here, but I'm there was a perfectly good reason...

Richard again.
A nice portrait of Rob taken on the Sunday afternoon.

Maria, Maggie, Sarah and a hiding Cathy Horton.

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