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Monty's Arrival   Download times...
Monty came into this world a little more quickly than Raffy. At term plus three days, at 3am, Vanessa began to have a few twinges that we thought could be the start of something. She spent the first stage of labour wrapping presents and doing her nails, then very quickly the pains declared themselves and we had to make a dash for the hospital. Eddie only made it with 10 minutes to spare, and Monty was born without any trouble at 05:07. Vanessa didn't even get her nightdress dirty!   Please note that in order to present large, high-quality pictures, this page may take almost a minute to download completely. The first few pictures will be visible quickly, but please have patience with the rest!

The first ever picture of Monty, taken about 60 seconds after he was born, at 05:07 on 6/7/03, weighing 7lb 7oz.

One of his first cuddles, with Grandad - permission to quiver lower lip...
Vanessa looking very perky after the rapid 1 hour labour and uncomplicated delivery.

Little pink toes - taken about half an hour after Monty was born.

More cuddles with Grandad. He is about 2 hours old here.
The story would not have been complete without Monty being put in a fishtank to sleep.

Mother and baby cuddle up and relax in the St James Suite at Kent & Canterbury hospital.

Raffy's first cuddle with his little brother - he immediately worked out how to tickle him...
The first photograph of the four of us.

Eddie had found it all a bit too much, so he had a little nap on the sofa in oour hospital room.

Ruth, Nathan, Charlotte and Melissa came to visit on that first afternoon, and Raffy certainly enjoyed the girls' company.
Grandad swings Raffy by the legs - great fun!

Raffy gives his baby brother a peck on the cheek.

Raffy and the girls looking out for mischief.

Lucy, Mel and Emily came up to see Monty in the afternoon of his first day - it was lovely to see them, especially as the hospital room was getting a little claustrophobic and shortly after this we all went home.