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October 2005   Download times...
We had a very busy October with my birthday and a visit from my parents in the first week, and then a trip up to Cambridgeshire to see Ruth & Nathan's new house in Newmarket the weekend after that. The weather was remarkably warm and sunny for the time of year - literally T-shirt warm even at the end of the month. I managed to get some nice black & white shots of the boys this month, which you can see by scrolling down the page...   Please note that in order to present large, high-quality pictures, this page may take almost a minute to download completely.

Monty reads his book while Rafferty shows Milo how to play with dangly toys in the baby gym.

Monty gets slightly overenthusiastic when giving Milo a kiss... he did manage to get his nose back in the end.

Vanessa, Monty and Milo at 7am outside in Ruth & Nathan's back garden.
Rafferty, Monty and Melissa on a country walk near Newmarket.

Vanessa tickles Montgomery while on an afternoon out in Cambridge, on the 10th October 2005.

Rafferty running in his new boots in the grounds of King's College, Cambridge.

Rafferty and Melissa race towards the river, past the college buildings.

One afternoon in Farming World - Rafferty practises milking a cow with the obliging fibreglass model on display outside the cafe.

Monty peers in at the sheep at Farming World.
Vanessa and her two biggest boys enjoy a cuddle.
Monty concentrates on eating his raisins while on a walk at Wildwood...

Grandpa holds Rafferty while walking round the Wildwood park. My mum and dad came to visit for a few days in early October - we had a lovely time and managed to have some nice family outings with the boys.

Playing a board game - Rafferty wins a round (with no cheating at all, honest...)

After tiring of the game, Raffy decides it's much more fun to torment his poor unsuspecting Grandpa...

On Saturday morning we went for an early walk by the lakes at Westbere. This is Grandpa holding Monty by the lakeside, amongst all the bushes...

Raffy chases after Grandpa on his bike.

A very cheeky Monty munches a banana while sitting by the lake on a fishing pontoon.

Raffy and Monty play on a wobbly childrens' toy in Herne Bay, along the sea front.

The two brothers look out at the boats left beached by the low tide...

Raffy marches along the beach in Herne Bay. We had gone out for an early morning walk and the late autumn sun cast long shadows across the beach.

Monty messes around with the boats stacked up on the beach. It was a gorgeous crisp, clear morning for a walk.

The two boys swing from the railings overlooking the beach.

Monty plays outside, climbing onto his bike. He still hasn't mastered using the pedals yet, but he'll get there in his own time...

Raffy and Monty help mummy bake some cakes. Rafferty stirs the mixture and Monty helps by smearing some of it over his face.

Grandpa, Raffy and Monty stand by the fence of the Wildwood otter enclosure, looking for the residents who seemed to be lying low that day.

While walking around the Wildwood park, Raffy and Monty played behind this painted board with pictures of deer.

Our big schoolboy in uniform.
Monty skateboards down the drive on a grey October afternoon.

Raffy crouches on the road outside our house while playing with his radio-controlled monster truck.

Milo gets a big sloppy kiss from his mummy. He is about seven weeks old here, and becoming much more alert all the time.

I caught this picture of the two boys sleeping on the sofa, one Sunday morning after running around outside for a few hours. Actually, turns out Raffy was only pretending to be asleep, but he fooled me until he started to giggle...

The three boys piling into Milo's cot - Raffy and Monty love playing with their little brother and are very gentle, but we still have to watch them like hawks in case they squash him by mistake...

A shot of Milo taken on the 7th October 2005.

Rafferty in the Dane John park after school. He is eating his ham sandwiches from his lunch box.
Monty has a shoulder ride with Grandpa, while on a sunny afternoon out in Broadstairs.

A shot of Monty taken one evening in our lounge. I was trying out a Leica Summilux-R 50mm lens on the 1Ds MkII. In the original file, the sharpness is amazing...